It is widely known and scientifically proven that an enormous part of the success of a wine depends on the circumstances under which the harvesting of the grapes occur. The sunset ( liogerma) is the most romantic part of the day and it is considered ideal for the gathering of the grapes that are intended for the production of  “ Great” quality wine!

Following the sunset, and having our eagerness, our loyalty to tradition, but also technology as our weapons, we created Maragakis Winery. It is a state-of –the-art winery that stands out in the surrounding area of Heraklion, created not only to serve the need of producing exquisite wine but also to help the general public get acquainted with  Cretan Wine through visits to our premises where they can taste our wine and have first hand experience. Our primary aim is to promote the Cretan vineyards which, because they have the privilege of the best climatic conditions of the Mediterranean, have the ability to offer magnificent results in wine making, hosting local and foreign varieties. As a result we can enjoy superb wine with protected designation of origin, while we combine local and foreign varieties, leading people through a journey of intoxicating aromas.

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