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White Dry Wine

 Protected Geographical Indication Crete

Golden-yellow wine with greenish tinges. It has a fruity flavor and fragrance of flowers, accompanies fruit salads, green salads, white meat and fish. It is exquisite as an aperitif. Serving temperature 12 degrees Celsius.

Pink Dry Wine

Protected Geographical Indication Crete

Bright reddish wine with greenish tinges . It has a rich flavor of cherries, sour cherries and tomatoes. Playful acidity fills the mouth with subtle tannins. It accompanies shellfish,  fatty fish, pasta and why not, some red meat. Serving temperature 12 degrees Celsius.

Epicenter/ Focal Point

Protected Geographical Indication Crete

White Dry Wine Chardonnay

Golden-yellow wine with greenish tinges , fruity aromas and taste, balanced with  long lasting aftertaste .Serving temperature 12 degrees Celsius. Accompanies sea food and fatty fish dishes.

Sunset/ liogerma

Protected Geographical Indication Crete - Red  Dry Wine Syrah

It is a dark red Syrah wine with aromas of red fruits in perfect harmony with cinnamon and vanilla. Soft with long lasting aftertaste.

Aging 3 months in oak barrels. It accompanies fatty meat and cooked food in tomato sauce.

Serving temperature 18 degrees Celsius.

8th Maragaki Art

Protected Geographical Indication Crete  - White Dry Wine Vidiano

The 8th Art which comes from the purely Cretan variety Vidiano, promises to offer a burst of aromas. It has a  golden-yellow color , greenish tinges , and aromas of fruits, flowers and nuts. It is a balanced wine which fills the mouth and has a long lasting aftertaste. Enjoy it with shellfish, fish, meat with white sauce and soft cheese. Serving temperature 12 degrees Celsius.