Maragaki Family

The Maragaki Winery is the continuation of a family involvement – as a hobby- with vineyards and the production of wine, which evolved into a profession. Our experience concerning wine is relatively short, just 10 years, after Manolis and his brother created their first vineyard professionally. From then on, the family is inextricably connected to viniculture and the production and sale of wine.

Their experience,  know-how and  love for wine is something that you can taste in every single drop of their wine. Manoli’s target is to explore the Cretan varieties and to show the richness of the Cretan vineyards which has a lot more “hidden secrets”.

During their effort to evolve and become widely known, they managed to export their wine to Belgium, German and Holland. Their distribution network has expanded to retail and wholesale supermarkets.  The cellar/ liquor store???  includes wine and its technical analysis.